Pothole & Trench Reinstatement

We produce a specially designed polymer bituminous emulsion mixture in Colas, which is used for the manufacture of delayed-set macadam. The main benefits of this mixture are that it remains very workable and that it will stay in the pothole/ reinstatement. This product is now available from RMS countrywide.


Delayed Set Macadam is ideally suited for all road maintenance work such as pothole repair, trench re- instatement, re-filling core-holes and levelling depressions. It’s also ideal for lightly trafficked areas

Production Information

  • It’s manufactured using an RMS Cold Mix plant in where un-heated aggregate is added directly to the cold mix plant and coated with pothole patch emulsion.
  • This process greatly reduces green house gas emissions as the aggregate is not heated as with a typical Hot Mix.
  • The emulsion is also applied at lower temperatures, between 50 & 60% less heat is required when compared to heating bitumen.

The aggregate grading conforms with a 2/6mm Gc 85/20 Coarse Aggregate as Specified in Table 2 of IS EN 13043 Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other trafficked areas.