Coloured Thermoplastic

Coloured Thermoplastic is an excellent durable anti skid treatment for all road surfaces. It is laid in a single layer and contains calcined bauxite aggregate throughout its depth, (usually 3/5mm, ensuring that new calcined bauxite is exposed as the surface wears.).

Coloured Thermoplastic is laid at temperature of 160/170°C and has instant bond to surface though heat transfer to underlying surface.

  • - Spread rate 90/100 square metres per tonne
  • - Initial texture depths 1.1+-0.3m
  • - Colours: Red, Green,Grey,Buff
  • - Application temperature 160/170°C

Coloured Thermoplastic is ideal for use on sharp bends, bridges, approaches to roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, junctions, ghost islands, railway platforms, ramps, cycle lanes, traffic islands, wheel chair ramps and lay-bys. This product can be applied all year round onto new and old surfaces Our design and technical personnel are available for site visits and discussion to ensure a cost effective solution.

Calcined bauxite data values:
  • - Agg. Hardness 9
  • - A.A.V. 4
  • - P.S.V. 75/83
  • - Thickness of application 3/5mm

Resin Based Surface Treatment

The spraygrip system combines a tough flexible cured Bitumen Extended Epoxy Resin with Calcined Bauxite aggregate; an outstanding aggregate which demonstrates an extraordinary resistance to polishing and abrasion.

Calcined Bauxite has the following values; psv of 75 / 83, a.a.v. of 4, hardness of 9. This aggregate combined with Bitumen Extended Epoxy Resin has proven over the past 30 years to be the best for performance and cost. The bitumen extended epoxy resin is sprayed directly onto the road surface by specially designed equipment at a pre-determined rate, followed by an even distribution of specially graded Calcined Bauxite chipping.

Where to use:

On the approaches to:

  • - Pedestrian crossings
  • - Traffic signals
  • - Roundabouts
  • - Junctions
  • - Motorway Junctions
  • - Fast Bends

MMA based treatment

Semi liquid 2K -metacrylic based coating intended to achieve adhesion and embedment of antiskid aggregates (calcinated bauxite) to provide efficient and durable high friction road surface.