Asset Maintenance

Since 2010 RMS Ltd. have provided a thorough Asset Maintenance Service to public and private customers. A full suite of maintenance options are available, from individual surveys to complete maintenance packages. Utilizing cutting edge technology and cloud computing we can provide live information which is accessible to the customer. This allows key information to be collected, stored, accessed and analysed by our fully trained staff or the customer, for example,

  • GPS location
  • Details on the size and manufacture date
  • Details on the size and height
  • Details on the location and surrounding features (crash barrier, footpaths, overhead services)
  • Photograph of asset and surrounding location.

Common assets which can be surveyed with the system include signs, lighting poles, public transport infrastructure and public amenity assets such as park benches. Our customers include Transport Infrastructure Ireland and various local authorities.

Road Sign Works

Road Maintenance Services (RMS) Ltd also have a dedicated Road Signs division devoted to the recording, maintenance and erection of fixed assets throughout the national road network across Ireland. By using the very latest in asset recording technology described above it enables RMS to accurately and efficiently record all fixed signs on the roadside using Trimble handheld recording Juno’s.

Once recorded the information is stored in a specially designed database utilising the most up to date cloud storage features. By using a web portal, it allows the user access to instantly view the records and the collected details of each sign. The web portal also allows for the exporting of recorded data in a user friendly format to excel to allow for easy interrogation using filters. This allows records to be sorted in terms of age, pole size, sign size etc.

Road Maintenance Services (RMS) Ltd have a fully equipped signs installation team to cater for the supply and erection of signs. These range from simple speed limit signs to complex advance directional signs on passively safe lattice poles. This crew have the experience and necessary equipment to cater for both planned route treatments, new installation works and also for on call emergency works. These emergency works include signs that have been rendered unsafe following collisions and also the erection of temporary signage to warn of unexpected and unplanned incidents. All signs are manufactured in to the latest Irish, British and European standards are undergo regular independent testing for retro reflectivity.

As well as installations, Road Maintenance Services Ltd also carry out the necessary maintenance of signs. These include regular monitoring for damage and defects as a result of external factors. The also check smaller items like sign angle to traffic, mounting brackets, pole caps and other fixings. Road Maintenance Services Ltd operate a dedicated sign washing and cleaning crew. Particularly in locations where sign faces are located close to the road edge, when they get dirty they lose their effectiveness. The dedicated washing crew scrub the sign face with de-greasing detergents and power wash down. This is the followed by the cutting of the grass around the base of the pole and the result is a fixed asset that conveys a clear message to road users. The subject of overgrown hedges and bushes also greatly reduces the effectiveness and visibility of fixed road signs. To address this Road Maintenance Services operates a suite of tractor mounted hedge and flail cutters to cut back overgrown verges to allow maximum visibility of road signage. All verge cutting operations using flail hedge cutters take place outside of the bird nesting season and in line with statutory guidelines.

All works carried out on the national road network is completed by vastly experienced and competent crews. Each crew has a minimum of one CSCS trained Signing and Lighting Operative and Occupational first aider at all times. This coupled with support from head office in terms of qualified traffic management designers, safety, environmental and quality co-ordinators ensures that we are equipped to deal with any situation no matter how intricate. For traffic management installations on high speed dual carriageways, Road Maintenance Services Ltd has an excellent working relationship with a number of competent traffic management companies to facilitate with complex designs where an Impact Protection Vehicles (IPV) is required.