Grave Emulsion

GRAVE EMULSION is a specially designed slow setting emulsion for Cold Mixes such as Stabilised Wet Mix and Grave Emulsion macadam's.

  • Conforms with the NRA Binder Specifications 2009,RC 380, Table 3 & ; IS EN 13808:2005
  • Manufactured to an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Production System & ; ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System.
  • Suitable with all Irish aggregates giving 100% pass rate on all Duriez Tests
  • Excellent Duriez crushing strengths
  • Solvent free emulsion
  • No dangerous fumes
  • Low temperature application which saves on fuel

Grave emulsion macadam is typically applied using a hot mix paver or by a road grader.

Recommended Macadam Binder Content:

3.0% +/_0.30% for Stabilised Wet Mix Macadam
4.0% +/_0.50% for Grave Emulsion Macadam

Stabilised Wet Mix

A versatile and economic solution for road strengthening, Stabilised Wet Mix has mechanical characteristics equivalent to hot mixes and is suitable for reshaping and reinforcing flexible road surfaces. The material is manufactured by adding 5% bitumen emulsion to a tried and tested grading clause 810 wet mix macadam.

Stabilised wet mix has been laid on national, regional and county roads carrying large volumes of heavy goods vehicles. It is particularly useful over bog ramparts where reduced thicknesses with equivalent strengths are required.

Stabilised Wet Mix consists of a mortar in which the fines are fully coated, leaving a dry stone to stone contact. This contact ensures that the mix is Stabilised against water ingress, which helps to prevent rutting and makes it a superior material to conventional hot mix macadams

Ordinary unbound wet mix has excellent dry strength but very poor wet strength. Failure occurs when this type of material becomes saturated, usually as a result of the seal breaking or water penetrating from the sides.

Test Results:

Assessment of stabilised wet mix carried out by the University of Ulster and the National Road Authority (N.R.A.) confirm the outstanding qualities of this material.

The University of Ulster carried out a series of wheel tracking tests to determine the rutting resistance of a variety of the road materials. The result (illustration in Graph 1) show that both initially and over time, Stabilised Wet Mix macadam shows substantially less evidence of rutting in comparison to conventional dense basecourse macadam.

The National Roads Authority carried out tests to determine a wet/dry strength ratio for Stabilised Wet Mix. A target Duriez strength of 30Kn and a wet/dry strength ratio of 0.55 was proposed for Stabilised Wet Mix.

The actual test result indicated a 30Kn Duriez strength and a wet/dry strength ratio of 0.6. These test results indicate the substantial strength of this material under both dry and wet conditions.

Ralumac is cold-applied through a specially designed continuous flow machine. Daily outputs in excess of 10,000sq. metres can be achieved with minimal disruption to traffic. Application is normally undertaken is layers with the initial regulating layer up to 30mm, followed by a uniform wearing course carpet of 8mm in thickness. The new Ralumac surface can be trafficked in 15 to 20 minutes. No rolling is required as the traffic action kneads the material, closing up the surface rendering it virtually impervious.